How Can We Help? 


We love a good story. What’s yours? We can help you share a consistent and integrated story across the right channels for MORE impact.


We can help you figure out where you’re going and how to get there… and keep you smelling the flowers along the way.


We’ve created a simplified approach to starting and sustaining your small business.


We bring over 45 years combined solutions-oriented professional experience coupled with fresh perspective from our foundation of well-being. We can help you see a challenge from a different viewpoint and create solutions there too.

About Us

One person with experience, ideas and energy is awesome. A team of them is so much MORE. The rings in our logo represent our diverse talents, strengths, experiences and perspectives – and how we come together to create a more interesting product for our clients. A play on the French word “morceau”, our work is one important piece of our whole selves.

Why We Are Different

We truly believe why we do something is as important as what we do.

MoreSo operates on our 3F principles of “fun, flexibility and fair pay”. This means we want to work with fun clients doing interesting things on flexible terms that allow us to manage other priorities for fair rates. Have a challenge you’d like to explore within our 3F principles?  Let’s meet for coffee and see what can happen.


Meet our “go-getters” committed to ‘giving’ generously.


Thoughtful storyteller with the ability to inspire, instruct and uniquely leverage. Passion for start-ups and creating business strategies that are value-giving and competitively focused. Tae kwon-do traditionalist and coffee connoisseur.


Talented strategy consultant with experience spanning several industries and geographies. Creative thinker with a foundation in strong analytical skills to solve complex business problems and develop growth strategies. Wake-surfer and food explorer.


Creative problem solver with a talent for connecting people and ideas and building systems to sustain. Background in environmental science, regulatory and social performance. Fresh foodie proficient in Nerf© battle tactics.

Love To gro

We’re having such a great time with MoreSo, we decided to broaden our circles and create gro. Here we gift our “time, treasure and talents” to host and facilitate quarterly sessions for gro members and their associates to connect over food, beverage and “on the verge” learning opportunities that we are excited to share.

Find out how things are “gro’ing” at



One of our foundational values is “fun”. And we really do have fun with our clients. Healthy food and good coffee are mandatory when we host. It’s our thing. And sometimes there is exercise – just ask these guys:

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What kind of ‘fun’ are you up to in your organization?  If you’re starting up, changing up, shifting gears or needing support – let’s meet for coffee.  

We can help you do MORE.